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Attention Equipment Managers: 100% Return on Investment for Professional Development?

Thursday, June 1, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: AEMP
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How often do you get a 100 percent return on your investment?

With the AEMP Online University EM100: Equipment Management Specialist Certificate Course - it is entirely possible! 
A recent AEMP survey of students who completed the AEMP Equipment Management Specialist (EMS) Certificate coursework were asked: 

What has the AEMP EMS100 education you received helped you accomplished?

Simplified tasks I perform regularly    56.3%

Improved the quality of my work    100%

Saved my company/organization money   62.5%


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Fleet Managers Keep Your Company Running
Your fleet managers and equipment specialists shoulder the responsibility of keeping your company running. To fulfill those responsibilities they need to understand not only how your company's equipment works but also how their job affects business operations in every other department in your firm. Encouraging and supporting your employees to increase their fleet management expertise is the single most important factor in strengthening your company's foundation for success. When they do well, you do well.

As the complexity of fleet management increases with new technologies, regulations, and financial models, the importance of workforce development also grows. Supporting your employees efforts to improve their skills and professional growth creates an environment that encourages service excellence and staff stability - key factors for customers retaining your fleet's services. 

It is encouraging to note that, according to the responses to the AEMP survey, your equipment managers want to learn more and do a great job for your company. 

One respondent said, "It's important to me to understand the supervisor's role in the shop and to better assist the supervisor. The EMS Certificate Course helps me understand the CEM's language."

Another respondent echoed that thought and wrote, "The value of the EMS education is that I am able to understand the CEM and how I can best help my supervisor. I think specific fleet personnel should have the EMS in order to understand the business more."

One student saw his EMS Certificate Course as a call to action. "I feel this course was extremely valuable by embedding in me the mindset to actively take control of fleet related issues and come out with a plan of action each and every time." 

Business Development Education
AEMP's Equipment Management Specialist Certificate Course is a business development course for employees involved with equipment in a private, municipal, or government fleet within the first five years of their career. The EMS certificate serves individuals who want to obtain the skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary for equipment and asset management, to better understand the depth and breadth of the equipment industry, and to gain the ability to interact on a higher level with fleet-related professionals. 


Seventeen core competencies vital to successful fleet equipment support and asset management are covered including in-depth training on preventative maintenance, technology, risk management, specifications, lifecycle cost analysis and performance/warranty guarantees.

Coursework is self-directed and completed online on devices that support internet audio and visual formats. Additional support is available from the AEMP Online University staff. After completing the course, candidates will sit for the EMS100 exam. Candidates with a score of 70 percent or better will earn a Certificate of Recognition.

Introductory Tuition Offer Expires June 30th!
Candidates enrolling in the AEMP Online University EM100: Equipment Management Specialist Certificate program before June 30 are eligible for an introductory tuition rate of $395. After June 30, tuition will increase an additional $100.

Consider supporting your equipment staff's professional development soon. The survey data says EMS candidates felt their work improved 100 percent - an excellent ROI on your company's investment.

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