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AEMP Selected by ASAE for 2017 Power of 'A' Summit Award and Two Gold Awards

Thursday, July 13, 2017   (0 Comments)
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AEMP is proud to announce that the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) has chosen AEMP to receive a 2017 Power of A Summit Award and two 2017 Power of A Gold Awards for AEMP’s work to develop and publish the ISO 15143-3 telematics data standard. AEMP has been awarded the 2017 Power of A Summit Award and a Power of A Gold Award for Advancing a Profession Through Technology and a Power of A Gold Award for Solving a Global Industry’s Technology Challenge. ASAE created the Power of A Awards to showcase how associations leverage their unique resources to solve problems, advance industry/professional performance, kickstart innovation and improve world conditions.  Associations are involved in activities every day that make a substantial, positive impact on our lives (1).

“The Summit Award is ASAE’s highest award given to associations that make exemplary commitments to creating a stronger America and the world,” says Chris Vest, CAE, ASAE’s Director of Public Policy. “Part of ASAE’s advocacy role is to educate outside audiences about the true value of associations and the resources they bring to bear on our nation’s most pressing problems. Associations have a good story to tell. We thank AEMP for your inspiring work and offer congratulations on your exceptional program.” AEMP is one of only six associations chosen to receive the Summit award in 2017, and one of 23 associations chosen to receive a Gold Award (out of more than 150 entries). 

Don Gengelbach, CEM, AEMP’s current Chairman of the Board says, “It’s pretty exciting to see AEMP receive these prestigious awards from the world of associations, and I think everyone involved in the development of our telematics data standard should be very proud of what AEMP has accomplished. We’ve been able to improve the use of data to benefit the bottom line of organizations throughout a whole industry, and for a small association like ours, that’s pretty impressive.”

Stan Orr, FASAE, CAE, AEMP’s President and Chief Executive Officer points out that these awards recognize a journey more than 10 years long. “In 2007, telematics began emerging as a critical issue in the heavy equipment industry, and this technology remains unfamiliar to most of the world today. Dick Brannigan, CEM, who is now retired, was AEMP’s visionary Chairman of the Board. He recognized the profound effect telematics would have on the equipment management profession and the industry. Through his efforts we saw a remarkable level of cooperation from manufacturers to meet end user customer needs.” 

Dick Brannigan, CEM, states, “When our first meeting with the manufacturers took place, we had no clue how much resistance they might have to our ideas… Each of the manufacturer reps in the room seemed surprised by the simplicity of our request… Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu and Volvo found our idea valid in concept and they recognized that it would enhance their product support efforts” (2). 

Stan Orr pointed out that this success resulted from collaborative efforts from all “sides” of the Equipment Triangle, including a critical partnership with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). “When I think of people who had an impact on this effort, I think of Randy Jaminet (now retired) and Nick Bollweg of John Deere, Nick Redd at Caterpillar, Bud Sims and Randy Amerine of Qualcomm, Ken Calvert of Komatsu, Bill Hurni from Volvo, and Al Cervero of AEM. They all did their part to make these remarkable results a reality. And of course, many individuals in the AEMP membership and across all sectors of the industry rolled up their sleeves, put aside their differences, and created something that will re-shape this huge industry forever. 

“I cannot overstate how difficult this telematics journey was, or how profoundly important it was to the industry and the public. The visionary leaders of this effort had to work through numerous obstacles. For instance, they had to consider engine improvements, particularly emissions tiering, which varies by continent. They had to develop a standard that met international language requirements for mixed-brand fleets and requirements within each brand’s line of equipment. They had to solve the riddle of data transfer in a safe and secure method. They had to break down organizational and industry cultural barriers to succeed. And in true Equipment Triangle style, they did it voluntarily. A telematics standard that invites innovation can mean better living for us all. I have been honored to witness and participate in the start of this industry transformation, and it’s exciting to see AEMP’s work receive this high-level recognition from the larger world of associations.”

ASAE will honor the 2017 Power of A award recipients at the 18th Annual Summit Awards Dinner, October 4, 2017 at the National Building Museum in Washington DC, bringing together association executives, government officials, and business and community leaders for an evening to celebrate the value of associations and their impact on society. AEMP’s telematics initiative will be showcased in a video at this dinner, and selected AEMP members who were involved in the telematics standard development and current AEMP leaders will attend. 

To read more about AEMP’s award-winning initiative to develop ISO 15143-3, please visit the AEMP website store to download your free copy of The Pain in Their Day, available at 


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