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AEMP Workforce Development Committee Creates Hiring Guide to Connect Employers and Military Veterans

Tuesday, April 10, 2018   (0 Comments)
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In response to the challenge of finding qualified job candidates for difficult-to-fill positions, AEMP is proud to announce the development of the AEMP Handbook on Hiring Veterans, National Guard Members and Reservists, a comprehensive hiring guide for member employers. Created in partnership with Center for America (CFA), this guide is meant to help employers more easily connect with qualified veterans and military service members ready to work in skilled roles such as heavy equipment technicians and shop managers. 

Matching Job Skill Requirements with Military Candidate Skills and Experience

The process of interpreting military skills and experience as presented in resumes or applications can be confusing and often leads to an incomplete perception of a candidate’s full qualifications.  Too often, recruiters focus primarily on the candidate’s Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) training.  Such training, which is usually 14 to 21 weeks, is only a starting point for a new service member. Often a military candidate’s most valuable skills and experience is acquired during their service after an MOS program is completed. 

When screening resumes and conducting interviews, determining whether the candidate has the required skills to successfully fill the job is often challenging. Focusing attention on the specific skills and knowledge required by the job and determining whether the candidate has those skills and knowledge – without getting caught up in trying to understand what is included in any given MOS training program – is usually most effective.

To help focus screening efforts and the attention of job candidates on the skill sets and experience needed for the jobs, the AEMP Handbook contains skill matrices for high-priority job categories.  In effect, these matrices form a checklist of skills and capabilities.  

In addition, the AEMP Handbook includes individual hiring workbook(s) for the three hardest to fill job series.  These workbooks to walk the HR specialist through the interview process with a veteran candidate.  Job posting tips, action items and best practices are also shared within the 26 page document.  In addition to the AEMP Handbook which is specific to our member’s needs, CFA will be publishing state by state hiring guides.  These guides will be posted on the AEMP website as they become available.  The Wisconsin Employer Guide is available now, with Colorado, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota soon to follow.  

Full version of the Handbook and Workbooks are available at  Center for America (CFA) is a non-profit organization providing free veteran hiring resources for employers.  Additional Best Practice Guide information can be found at   

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