AEMP Telematics API & Verification
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The AEMP Telematics Standard is now approved by the International Standards Organization.


ISO 15143-3 can be purchased and downloaded at the ISO Website.

Questions regarding the Standard should be directed to:
Stan Orr, CAE, AEMP President.

Coming Soon

AEMP will soon release a new program designed to ensure fleet managers that the telematics providers they utilize, or are considering as a potential vendor, provide a proven, tested data feed.  The Verification site will show fleet managers the OEMs and 3rd party providers who provide accurate, tested feeds, and will provide telematics providers with a place to test their feeds and receive AEMP's seal of approval.

Be watching for AEMP's new Verification Program.




To learn more about the what, where, and how of telematics for construction fleets, the AEMP Telematics for Fleet Managers manual will get you started.


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